Monday, February 14, 2011

Your favorite season?

On a day like today, I am starting to question my favorite season. As a youngster growing up, I don't think I really gave it much thought, but I would undoubtedly have to recall that it was SUMMER. Growing up in a small town on the prairies of Canada, we were fortunate enough to have huge swimming pool in our town, and blessed with a family cabin at a lake only minutes away. So between the two, our hot, dry summers were full of lots of water activities. I still LOVE summer, don't get me wrong, but I have to wonder if spring is giving summer a run for the money this year.

Spring, to me now as a noun - thing - season, to me really is starting to feel like a verb - spring - move into action. Perhaps this is because after a long, cold, winter of practically hibernating, I feel like I am springing into action.

Spring cleaning is on my mind as I sping into action as well. We have been in the house now almost 3 years (come July) and I cannot believe the wear and tear that one family makes and how quickly things become tired looking. Thus, this is the year I have proclaimed to do some deep spring cleaning. So far, I have mastered one drawer! Not just any drawer though...the main cutlery drawer. I can't underestimate this drawer, as it is the one with the highest traffic in our home.

My goal for spring cleaning is to have the house cleaned before May. Wish me luck. It isn't that I dislike cleaning, it is that I sometimes lack the attention span to do it for long periods of time. So, I figure in the next 2-3 months, if I pick away at things, I should be able to deep clean the whole house before I have to open up the cabin in May.

Wish me luck!

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