Saturday, January 14, 2012

12 Cakes for 2012, Art 1, Art 2

At The Scraproom, we are challenging ourselves to make and share 12 cakes. So to get started, and coincidentlyI did my first cake on the 12th of January (lots of 12's, how wierd, never thought of that until I uploaded the pictures).

This one is a Cheerio Cake. I should think of a more glamourous name for it than that, should I not? Nah, it is what it is, a Cheerio Cake! LOL


1C brown sugar
1C corn syrup
2/3 C butter or marg.
Bring to a boil. Add 1 C peanut butter. Add 5C Cheerios and 3C of any other dry cereal. Press into 9X13 greased pan. Chill.

So today, when the kids came home from school this was ready for dessert. However, we all get into it as soon as they came in the door and it was gone in 15 minutes. Thus, I ended up making another one by four-thirty so we would have some for after supper and lunches tomorrow! I can't wait to do my next cake! Maybe later today.

Art many of you remember from previous posts, I have been working on some art pieces to display around the house. These pieces I had started 2 years ago. When I decided to update the kitchen, I wanted to change the art a bit as well. So here is the new version of Art 1. Artists have fancy names for their works, and I haven't quite gotten into the naming thing yet. If I were to name this particular grouping though, I think I would call it "Down by the Bay".

The goal of this artwork is to tie the room together. Blue, particularly this blue, is one of my favorite colors! I now have the blue backsplash in my kitchen, I think this really brings the two rooms together. The other punches of color I have are in the blankets and throw pillows in my living room. These blankets were made by Pete's grandmother, so they are very special to us. I hope the color in the art brings out the color in the blankets in the room.

Art 2: Now this little piece I had made in the summer. It was designed to hang vertically beside one of the front windows. I decided to modify it by adding some texture. I used some heavy paint medium, and added to the stripes that were already there.

I then took other colors of the same tone and added to the existing texture to add some more depth to the yellow and orange. Then the final pop was adding brown to the yellow stripe, and red to the orange stripe to make it pop.

Today, I decided to place it on the mantle of the fireplace, and does it ever bring out the color in the flame. So it can stay here for now. This is what I love about these long, skinny frames as I call them. They seem so versatile and can completely give a different look depended on whether you place them horizontal or vertical.

Thanks for looking. Enjoy. I am really enjoying playing with my paints lately, so I will be sure to share any other creations in the future!

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