Sunday, January 22, 2012

More art work on the way...

Naming art works...I completed my third "official" canvas last night. I use the term official loosely, but I am trying to create works that I could actually put on display that I am happy with, instead of just playing with paint. So far the third one is done, but I have never named any of my works before. I am feeling some sort of pressure to get a name on these creations, because it makes me feel like the work is complete, sort of like a title on a scrapbook page. There are many considerations when naming art, and I have done a little research on these. Some things I am pondering...1. if you name the art, it could assist your viewer to help to see the picture 2. if you name the art, it could also put limitations on how the viewer sees it (which in the abstract case, you may not want to) 3. Art can be named for many reasons and in many ways...sentimental, numerical, etc. So, something to ponder. If anyone has any comments for me, I would love some input! Thanks!

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