Monday, January 28, 2013

From my scrap desk...

There has been a lot going on on my scrap desk these days!

Some things I can't tell you about right now. I know in my last post I did tell you of some upcoming things that will be taking place around here at Coffee and Colors, but for now, let's just say things are still 'under construction' and I can't wait until I can show you the finished product!

The things I CAN share with you right now are some organizational tools from my desk that I am using...

1. My mixed medium book.

I don't really have a cool name for this, which I guess I should have, like Mixed Medium Mayhem...(because it is usually mayhem when I get all this stuff out!)

Over time, I have started working with more and more mediums in my scrapbooks. I used to have a book that held my ink pads in various colors, but over time I found I was blending my inks more and more with sprays, paints, glitters, and liquid pearls.

So back a few months ago, I re-organized the area I keep my stuff in and decided to make a Mixed Medium book that was more user-friendly for me.By being user-friendly to my liking, I wanted this book to stand up, so I could see what I was looking for in the book as I was scrapping.
 So, while constructing the book, I put a couple of strips of velcro on the bottom and made it with a flap (so it could flip over and stand. 

I also wanted my mediums sorted by color.In order for me to see the colors, I attached corresponding colored washi tape, to make a tab at the side of each page.

 I also used a strip of washi tape at the top of each page to reinforce where the holes are for the rings.The pages themselves are cut from art books I picked up at M's. This is an example of the RED page.

An example of the ORANGE will notice that I have samples of the inks next to the velcro piece that holds each corresponding ink pad. I also have samples of the sprays, paints, glimmer glams, etc. that are easy to see with the name of the product beside them as well.

An example of the BLUE page(s).
 The format of the book allows me to simply add more than one page for each color as needed, as my stash increases!

Feel free to ask any questions in case you are wanting to make something similar!

2. Project Life Organization

I grabbed this little folder over the Christmas holidays at HL, not knowing for sure what I would use it for. Then as we started talking about PL at TSR, I came up with the idea to use it for pre-cut cards and stuff.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my label maker!

Lastly, to further organize PL, I started a portfolio, with grids of the actual sizes of the pocket pages. In the portfolio, I also store the 2X12 and 6X12 pages that would not fit in the folder. These PL tools certainly make the stuff seem more organized, and if it is more organized, I know I will be more likely to use it!
Thanks for looking ladies!

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  1. Great ideas....I should really do the ink/mist one. It would make creating so much quicker