Monday, February 4, 2013

Project Life...

I have been working on Project Life (my version) this month. For the most part, it has not taken a lot of time, but a bit of organization. You can see in my second last blog post that I have started preparing some PL cards from my scraps:

Back a few years ago, when PL started to be talked about, I did try a few months of it. This is January & February 2010 (pages were completed in 2010):

It was also the year 2010, that I adapted some Family Heritage pages, to the pocket style. I am the last living relative on my Mother's side of the family, so I have inherited all the pictures. These were quite overwhelming to begin to put in an album. The pocket pages have allowed me to have a lot of flexibility in creating the album. In addition, I am mixing regular pages with the pocket pages as I come across really special pictures that I want to highlight.

In 2012, we went on a huge family holiday for 3 weeks to Orlando. For this multitude of pictures, I decided to go with 8.5 X 11 pocket pages:

Currently, these are pages from my 2013 Family Album. I am really enjoying starting the year off with the pocket pages, as I capture the, baking, watching tv, filling the Keurig dispenser, and the really exciting times like laundry and cleaning...oh bliss!!!

I must admit there are moments that would not have made it on camera, if it were not for this format!!!

Thanks for looking, and for all those who have given me inspiration to do this!!!

What are those everyday moments that you are capturing doing Project Life style pages???


  1. I love all the various ways that you are using PL. I love the idea of using the pocket pages for heritage photos bc. those are pics that I don't want to adhere to a layout. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  2. Awesome job Gilly! You inspired me to get my scraps organized... LOL