Monday, April 7, 2014

Pirate Paper to the rescue...

Completing some pictures to put in our Family 2013 album, I found myself looking through my stash for some 'nautical' type paper.

Low and behold, I came across this old Karen Foster Kit I had picked up at Hobby Lobby years ago...probably 2008. I remember I had purchased it as an extra kit, for a pirate layout, from a trip we had taken in 2007. During that trip we had stayed in a hotel with the pool decorated in a pirate theme, so OF COURSE I took lots of pictures.

Well fast-forward to Summer 2013, and here we were visiting friends on the east coast. Ah ha...the perfect reason to break out the pirate kit and mix in a bunch of other stuff from my stash!


Both of these layouts are from our trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In the bottom layout, I applied crackle medium to the gold coin paper to make them appear more like real coins.


At the bottom of the layout I staggered the coins with some fishing stickers that were in my stash!
Sadly, I have STILL not reached the end of the Pirate Kit! 

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