Saturday, August 22, 2015

Yes I have become an art journal junkie!

I must confess, that over the past 6 months or so, I have become an art journal junkie!!!
I am not sure what chain of events spurred this on, but I am loving it, and I am running with it!
I will partly say that youtube videos have had a hand in my journal creations. I have learned a lot from "Art Superstars" like Roben-Marie Smith, Rae Massigman, Carolyn Dube, Shannon Green, Kelly Donovan and of course Dyan Reaveley. What a wealth of information all of these ladies are! Learning from them via the internet, and using many, many of their tips and tricks in the past 6 months, has really helped me make my creations happen.

Here is a quick snap of my lovelies. Each one I seem to create has a personality and meaning of it's own. I hope to share many more glimpses with you in the days and months to come!


  1. What an enticing pile of goods!!! Oh I wish I could get my hands on these! I love your colors and patterns and the variety I see! Have fun and keep it up. Do share some pages with us!