Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Interior Decorating Job - Dream Art Studio

 Almost a year ago, I got involved in an interior decorating project.
It began with a 1990's family room that the client wished to convert to her Dream Art Studio.
The only thing that was staying in the 300 square foot room, was the fireplace, which the client absolutely loves!
And so began the Dream Art/Sewing Studio Project... 
Before: To begin with, the oak mantel was taken away. The blue furniture and "large" tv, also were on the chopping block.
Before: Old mantel, furniture, flooring and bar fridge.

During: Choosing flooring...we looked at several options for these clients. The most value for the price point we had in mind came in the form of a laminate. It also had to be a very durable flooring that allowed for frequent moving of furniture in such a used space.
The client also wanted to work in the grey tones that are in the adjacent rooms that have recently been completed.

During: Choosing paint colors. The client had a vision of working in some blues with the grey tones. Here we are matching up flooring to grey wall.


During: removal of old flooring & mantel.
During: New paint on ceiling and walls. New flooring installed! Ta da! Let the games begin!

After:  The biggest challenge of this 300 square foot room was incorporating the large fireplace and creating the amount of storage that was required for the function of this room.
On the fireplace wall we developed the major storage area with the use of the Ikea Pax Wardrobes. 
The client opted for the espresso color cabinets for its rich tones and blending with the fireplace colors. 
We were able to choose the Wardrobes in various sizes and configurations to suit the client's crafting supplies.

The client is absolutely in love with this area of the room, as everything is so easy to access now. She loves how easy it is to find almost anything at any time.



After: The 1990's large TV was updated on the south wall of this room with a beautiful, curved, 55 inch, smart TV. The client can now watch any creative youtube video with the touch of a button.
More storage was created under the TV. We opted for a seamless look with grey Alex Carts, also from Ikea.

After: Workspace creative areas. The client will be using this room for sewing and crafting. We incorporated a large pub height table for crafting and cutting.
The table expands with leaves for more work room. It also works well to store supplies underneath in moving raskog carts from Ikea.

After: The sewing machines were placed for easy access on 2 more Alex Carts against the colored wall.

After: Sink, office, storage, coffee and bar fridge.

For easy clean-up, the client knew she wanted a sink in her new studio. She chose a nice sized round sink that is big enough for quick clean-up, but does not take up too much counter space.
For some contrast in the room, the client went with a White Pax Wardrobe and box cabinets. They also completed the update with a new bar stainless bar fridge.
There is also a desk area with the computer and some electronic cutting tools.
Thank you for looking at this lovely Dream Art Studio that we completed in Winter 2015/2016.

I will also add here that the client wished to have some space for others to come and sit and enjoy her creating, so 2 comfortable chairs were incorporated into the area.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures and it gives you storage and decorating inspiration.


  1. Awesome space, Gilly!! A dream, for sure! I love that flooring, and the genius of filling Raskog carts under the standing height table.

    1. Thank you Lisa. Yes those carts are very handy and worked well with the choice of table!